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Mission of PackUpPepco

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to Montgomery County Maryland

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regarding Pepco's most recent request to raise rates. 

On November 30, 2012, Pepco filed for a rate increase with the Maryland Public Service Commission.  The rate increase is in two parts.  The first part is to recoup costs already spent on Reliability.  The second part is for future costs related to Resiliency.  Reliability refers to the record of Blue Sky Outages.  Resiliency refers to recovery time from major storms.  The first rate increase will be an about a 4.9% increase on an individual bill.  The second rate increase will phase in over a three year period with an increase of approximately $5.00 per month per customer.   Pepco wants a 10.25% return on equity. 

There are many aspects of this rate increase request that are disturbing, but the most disturbing at this time:  1.  The request for funds to improve resiliency before the improvements have been made 
2.  The fact that Pepco could increase its rates via a tracker fee without going through the Public Service Commission  3. The fact that the same management with Pepco Holdings, Inc that is responsible for Pepco's deteriorated infrastructure is still in power, and being rewarded with significant salary increases.  

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